Haruki Kubo

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A t e l i e r

■About Atelier HARUKI

In 2001, Haruki Kubo established Atelier HARUKI in the Hirano area near the shores of Lake Yamanakako to function as both a gallery and a private base for his creative activities. The gallery collection includes numerous past and present works of the artist, which can be exhibited at any time. If after visiting this site you would like to see any of the works up close and in person, you can do so by making a reservation to visit the gallery in Yamanakako. We look forward to hearing from you.

To make a reservation to visit the gallery:

Please send an email to


and include your name, contact information (phone number), and the date and time you would like to visit (Up to the third preferred date if it is possible).

※It is not a permanent show